//The Devil’s Tunic
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A deeply thoughtful, provocative piece of work… Edmund’s weaving of ancient outrage with contemporary nightmare was bold and challenging and full of powerful and moving language.’
Jan Hallam, The Sunday Times, Perth


This epic thriller begins as the tomb of Mary Magdalene is discovered in SW France and her DNA is tracked to Australia. The play moves from Biblical times to Medieval France, where the Cathars are persecuted, and then to nineteenth-century France and the discovery of scrolls which may lead to the Holy Grail.

Finally it takes us to contemporary Australia where a prostitute, a Muslim refugee and a Scrabble champion each believe that they and they alone are the descendant of the union of Christ and Mary Magdalene. Meanwhile America has declared war in the Middle East. If the descendant of Christ can’t be found in time, the characters may face extinction.

LENGTH: Full length
CAST: Written for 18 actors but can be performed with fewer or more.
SET: Multiple locations.
NOTES: Adult language, mature themes.