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The confronting nature of much of “The Butcher’s Dance” is not for those whose idea of a good night at the theatre is a couple of hours of lightweight, escapism. Society needs works such as Edmund’s, theatre that compels us to question what those in power are doing in our names.’
Neville Cohn, OZarts review, 2005


Inspired by the tango, ‘The Butcher’s Dance’ takes us from nineteenth-century Buenos Aires, where the dance was invented by immigrants amidst the brothels of the city, to 1929 and the eve of the Wall Street crash in New York, back to Buenos Aires in 1976, where a family is persecuted during the ‘Dirty War’, and finally to New York 9/11 and the attack on the Twin Towers.

The stories of the characters are interlinked over the epochs, as is the evolution of the tango, in a tapestry that examines the links between people and cultures in their common humanity. The play juxtaposes real historical characters and events with fictional characters in a dynamic and exciting way.


LENGTH: Full-length, 90-110 minutes
CAST: Written for 16 actors but can be performed with fewer or more.
SET: Simple, fluid unit set
NOTES: Adult language, mature themes


The Butcher’s Dance is available from the Australian Script Centre. http://www.ozscript.org