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This work is the culmination of that research and I am delighted that the actors have embraced the research and evolution of the project with such enthusiasm and passion.”


Edmund’s fourth play in a series of political works, Stalin’s Orchard attempts to unravel some of the mysteries of the Russian Revolution, the collapse of communism and the Soviet bloc, and the uncertain but ever-fascinating future of this vast and intriguing land.

Edmund said: “I have always been interested in revolutionary politics and consider myself a recovering Marxist. In early 2009 I undertook a research trip to Moscow and St Petersburg where I investigated the political assassinations of journalists Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko.

Stalin’s Orchard is a work of devised theatre, the script originated not from a writer or writers, but from collaborative, improvisatory work by Edmund and the students. Together they spent six weeks in a highly collaborative environment allowing the work to evolve.



  • Drama
    LENGTH: Full length.
    CAST: Written for 18 actors but can be performed with fewer or more.
    SET: Simple fluid set.
    NOTES:  Adult themes.