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..Taut, witty, intelligent, and emotionally compelling with complex and fascinating characters.”
–Hugh Jackman

It is the summer of 1980, and a young English director leaves his girlfriend in London for a California production of Chekhov’s Three Sisters. His summer idyll is soon disturbed by a suicide, an assassination, and an ardent affair, as he and the vivid characters around him struggle to understand America on the brink of the decade of greed.

LENGTH: Full-length, 90-110 minutes
CAST: 3 females, 3 males (6-10 actors possible: 3-5 females, 3-5 males)
SET: Simple, fluid unit set
NOTES: Adult language, mature themes


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“A lively, pithy and poignant tale of ‘two cities’ — or rather, two worlds colliding, and then retreating from each other, somewhat bruised by the experience … all singular, well-drawn characters… Edmund is very good at writing tight, punchy dialogue…”
— Elizabeth Bentley, Drum

“Deceptively simple and nicely understated … a well-constructed narrative … the characters are diverse and interesting… Chekhov (along with Dylan Thomas) is used skillfully in this piece — think loneliness, pointlessness, people in situations they cannot control, lives of luxurious emptiness.”
–Stephen Dunne, Sydney Morning Herald