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Chris Edmund.
Commenced his career in London where he directed for the Gate Theatre Notting Hill, the Riverside Studios, the Kings Head and New End Theatres. He also directed for regional companies. He has also worked in the United States as Director and Teacher.
In his Directing career he has directed over 150 productions from new writing to the classical repertoire.
In 1985 he moved to Australia to join the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), which has produced many of the dynamic Australian actors who have established high profile careers, here and overseas. Actors trained with Chris include Hugh Jackman, Jai Courtney and Frances O’Connor.
In Australia he also continues to direct professionally, most recently his own play Bacon and Eggs at the Old Fitz Theatre Sydney He also directs Opera, including Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. He has been both Dramaturg and Director for the Australian National Playwrights Conference. He has also been Visiting Fellow at the National University of Singapore, directing a new play by Singapore Playwright, Chua Tze Wei, taught a series of Master Classes at the Gaiety School Dublin and directed ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ for Middlesex University, London. His production of ‘The Pillars of Society’ was performed at the International Theatre School Festival in Amsterdam.
He writes for stage and screen and in August 2000 directed the highly successful premiere of his own play Paradise at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney. Also in 2000 he lectured on Theatre at the University of California, Berkeley.
In January 2001 he directed and designed the acclaimed production of ‘Redemption’ for the Perth International Arts Festival. The production was performed in 2002 at the 6th Cultura Inglesa Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil. He directed an adaptation of Redemption for ABC Radio in July 2001.
In April 2002 he directed ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’ (in Cantonese) for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He returned to Hong Kong in March 2007 to direct ‘The Cherry Orchard’
In 2003 he directed The Unexpected Man for Black Swan Theatre Company and presented the controversial and critically acclaimed world premiere of his play ‘The Devil’s Tunic.’
In 2005 he wrote and directed a short film ‘Bang on the Head’ and directed ‘Crave’ for Black Swan BSX Company. His play ‘Out of Here’ was performed by the Perth Theatre Company.
He visited Buenos Aires to research a new play about the Tango. The resulting play ‘The Butcher’s Dance’ had its premiere in March 2005. Review:

In 2006 he returned to Brazil to give series of lectures at the University of Sao Paulo and to attend a reading of ‘The Butcher’s Dance’ which has been translated in to Portuguese.

His play ‘Before I get Old’ opened in August 2006. The Oz Arts Review described it as ‘a stunning achievement – a triumph”

In 2008 he visited Cuba to research a new play about the Cuban Revolution ‘Fidel’s Cigar’ It was presented in October of that year.
The Independent Theatre Review reported ‘I left the theatre giddy with excitement’

‘The Butcher’s Dance’ The Devil’s Tunic’ and ‘Before I get Old’ are available from the Australian Script Centre. Website

His new work ‘Stalin’s Orchard’ received the following review:

Stalin’s Orchard (Chris Edmund and student collaborators)

‘Yet again, Chris Edmund has demonstrated impressively and unambiguously that, in theatrical terms, he is a master when it comes to the evocation of political terror. The prime focus here is two men with almost limitless political power and who, in different ways, have callously misruled over a great people.

Stalin’s Orchard deserves an international audience.’

Paradise has been published by Playscripts,Inc in the USA.
“…Taut, witty, intelligent, and emotionally compelling with complex and fascinating characters.”
–Hugh Jackman.

His work ‘The Swell Party’ was performed in August 2012 and was staged with great success at the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin in 2013.
In 2014 he wrote and directed a new work ‘Dirty Laundry’ at the Smock Alley Theatre Dublin.

Web site for performance rights ‘Paradise’ :
http://www.playscripts.com/ .
His most recent work Bacon and Eggs was performed at the Old Fitz Theatre Sydney and received superb reviews.



Scripts by Chris Edmund

The Devil’s Tunic
Fidel’s Cigar
The Butcher’s Dance
Stalin’s Orchard
The Swell Party