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Director Teacher Writer and Painter.
Website: chris-edmund.com

I was Head of the Acting Department at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where I had a major role in developing the world renowned acting and directing training for over 25 years.

Over the period I spent at the Academy I directed a range of classical, contemporary and new plays. I championed new writing, commissioned works from leading writers and brought in directors of national and international standing. I was active in positioning my course internationally and visited Hong Kong, Dublin, Paris, London, Havana, St Petersburg and Moscow to set up exchanges between other Theatre schools. I wrote and devised a series of major plays which were superbly reviewed and have been published.  ‘ Society needs work such as Edmund’s, theatre that compels us to question what those in power are doing in our names’ Neville Cohn reviewing ‘The Butcher’s Dance.’

Actors trained under his guidance include Hugh Jackman, Frances O’Connor and Jai Courtney.

“There is not one job that I do when I’m not using one of the pearls of wisdom that Chris gave us. He was a very influential director, teacher and writer”- Hugh Jackman

I am a published playwright with my work receiving high critical acclaim and as a painter I have had several exhibitions.

I have directed productions worldwide including works in London (Gate Theatre (Comic Pictures, Loonies), Riverside Studios (The Sea), Hong Kong (APA The Cherry Orchard, The Caucasian Chalk Circle), Dublin (Dirty Laundry) Sao Paulo, Brazil, ( Redemption) and Singapore. (History of the Jade Chopsticks)

My work ‘Dirty Laundry’ which I wrote and directed from a commission by the National Theatre School of Ireland, was performed at the Smock Alley Theatre Dublin in July 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBxx9eGKtG8&feature=youtu.be

In 2015, Hugh Jackman, in New York, honoured me with a scholarship in my name, The Chris Edmund Performing Arts Scholarship. The event can be viewed on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRy1ITaeEXU. I presented the scholarship at a WAAPA ceremony in October 2015.

In 2015 I visited Mumbai to teach a series of workshops for leading Indian actors and was The Pronouncer on the highly successful Channel Ten reality show The Great Australian Spelling Bee, for which I was a Logie nominee.

Podcast https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-x9hgu-6b5035

My most recent work ‘Bacon and Eggs’ was performed at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney receiving superb reviews. The Sydney Arts Guide commented: “I see up to six shows a week and while it’s rare to find a dud on the Sydney theatre scene, it’s just as rare to have an experience that is so odd and wonderful that I almost don’t want to share. Bacon and Eggs, at the Old Fitz Theatre, is this moment for me.”

Bacon and Eggs available for performance at: http://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1686 as are my plays ‘The Butcher’s Dance’, ‘Before I Get Old’ and ‘The Devil’s Tunic’. My play ‘Paradise” is published in NYC by Playscripts, Inc.

“Taut, witty, intelligent, and emotionally compelling with complex and fascinating characters” Hugh Jackman commenting on Paradise

In 2016 and 2017 I recorded a new series of The Great Australian Spelling Bee and worked at the V.C.A and Sixteenth Street in Melbourne and the ATYP in Sydney.

In 2018  I was  commissioned to write and direct a new theatre work for the City of Geraldton in Western Australia to be premiered in October 2019.

Also in 2018 I worked in Vancouver as Voice Director on seasons two and three of Netflix Emmy Award winning show ‘Beat Bugs’ and also in Los Angeles on ‘Motown Magic’ I worked as Voice Director on both shows in Sydney, for their release on Channel 7, Australia.

In 2019 I worked in Dublin as guest lecturer at the Gaiety School and at The Helena Walsh Acting and Voice Studio.

In 2020 I taught a series of Masterclasses in Mauritius and was commissioned to write and direct a new work for the graduating class of the Gaiety School, Dublin. Also in 2020 I directed ‘The Other Place’ starring Kate Walsh. She commented: ‘Chris Edmund is a master in the craft of directing. He creates a safe container for actors to play, explore, & collaborate…gracefully & elegantly inviting us into the unknown, like a magnificent sculptor, until the characters, story & piece itself are discovered and revealed. Chris’ process felt pure, energizing & expansive.’

I continue to teach and direct and in 2022 will return to Ireland to teach a series of workshops.

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